My life theme it seems revolves around being in the hyphenated space of two worlds. East and West. 

The experience of being in a bi-cultural/bi-racial space is quite common today. Statistics indicate that by 2050 the USA will have a mixed race majority population with the Asian and mixed Asian populations being one of the fastest growing minorities in countries such as the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. 

There is much information about Eastern and Western culture but information on it's intersections and practical applications are still somewhat limited and scattered across different fields of specialization. 

My journey down the rabbit hole is the recording of the information that I collected and related through Hub Pages on the search for answers as to how East-West values are harmonized in the world that we live today, being increasingly interconnected, interdependent and multicultural.   

This site is about sharing my journey to better understand the meaning, expression and common threads of East-West complementarism and may appeal to those on a similar journey that are searching for the elements that bind East and West cultural values in an harmonious whole.    

To aspire towards being the Best of Both is a journey of becoming which to many continues to remain a paradox until shared and accepted amongst a common collective.  

Thank You for visiting. I hope you will find this site of some interest. If you do, please share so that together we can promote a better understanding and refinement of the meaning and expression of  East meets West: Best of Both.

Raine Law Yuen.

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