Concluding Remarks.

To be the Best of Both requires that we recognize the complementary relationship between Eastern and Western values.

According to the teachings of taoism and complementarism as defined by quantum physicist Niels Behr - the universe consists of polar but complementary opposites. For instance the left and right brain are complementary opposites that need each other to function optimally. Similarly, it is noted that historically the West emphasized a strong left brained path whist the East developed along a right brained one.

According to Biophysist Sungchui Ji:

“The reason for this supposed dichotomy of East and West cultural characteristics is not clear, but we cannot rule out the possibility that the dichotomy is not a happenstance but has an origin as mysterious as that of the universe itself. One possible explanation is that it takes both Eastern and Western modes of thoughts for Homo sapiens to unravel the mysteries of the universe".

"Just as the human brain requires a harmonious interaction between the left and right hemispheres to be cognizant of the ultimate reality, so perhaps the brain of the universe – Homo-sapiens needs a global culture built on the integration of western Science and Eastern Tao for it to know itself and the universe it inhabits. Admittedly a mystical conclusion”

The journey of Best of Both has some uniting similarities worldwide, with a community that spans the globe.

To be in a hyphenated space is to be a bridge between East and West. It means to be living at a time when the collective have not quite caught up to the true meaning and potential of complementarism. 

 The paradox of being both but neither persist in the mind of the collective because ultimately iis a search for a home that can never be found when on one's own journey but only when done together.

E=Me+2: Everybody = Be yourself and value both sides of your heritage/ancestry. (Raine Law Yuen)

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