Living with Purpose.

East and West share the common quest to find the meaning of life and life purpose.

When I was young, I attended a Catholic convent for awhile. The nuns would always tell us that we each had a special life purpose. When I look back at my life, I believe this to be true. I have found myself in a place where everything just seemed to fall in place - a time when I felt aligned to my higher self and I have also found myself in a place where nothing I did seemed to work. In this space I seem to attract all the wrong things for me.

according to wisdoms from Jesus to Buddha, to find one's life purpose requires that we first really know ourselves. When I made an effort to better understand myself - I found that using both Eastern methods of inner reflection and Western scientific tools - results in a more comprehensive outcome that more fully reveals our true self.

With the Western focus on the  External and the Eastern on the Inner world - What tools are available for us to better know ourselves and find our life purpose?

With this in mind, my journey down the rabbit hole would not be complete without exploring how we can find our life purpose with tools and insights from the East and West.

How to Find Your Life Purpose and keep It. 

When we are secure as to who we truly are, then a person's skin color and socially constructed definitions become superficial. We realize the importance of not judging others because everybody can make a special contribution to our lives and teach us something.

How to Develop Super Intuition in The 21st Century.

The East have always believed that everything is energy. Likewise Einsteins theory of  E= mc2 mirrors this belief. Listening to our inner voice and learning that energy works through us so long as we can stay grounded will ensure that we are on track with our life purpose.

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