Differences, Similarities and Intersections.

Much of our everyday behaviour, is passed down from our parents and caregivers. It is often assumed that we should understand our ancestral roots without it always being clearly explained to us. 

Our caregivers may not themselves know the significance of  all our daily habits and customary rituals. Over time, our connection to the past becomes diluted and fragmented which often results in a sense of disconnection in one form or other.

It was quite an eye opening moment for me to learn that even although there are numerous ethnic cultures between East and West, but at the source, East and West are rooted in a single set of values. "This makes things easier", I thought because in today's increasingly blended society, people can often get confused as to understanding how they are the same but different to others. 

Understanding the differences, similarities and intersections between East and West  really helps to better understand ourselves, others and what motivates their behaviours.Differences, Similarities and Intersections Between East and West.

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