Raising Multicultural Children.

Children are the same the world over.  They need to be loved and understood. Parenting today, requires an awareness of different cultural values and sensitivity to a child's unique talents and personality. If we can help our children to be the best that they can be, we can raise children that are well adjusted, secure and able to contribute productively to society as adults.

Raising Bi-Racial/Cultural Children - Best Parenting Styles.

Children that are raised with caregivers from different cultural backgrounds can sometimes find themselves caught between parents that may differ as to how best to raise their children. different parenting styles can be a source of anxiety and confusion. What do the experts say about parenting styles?

Raising Multicultural Children In The 21st Century.

Parenting today can be confusing as traditional values are replaced by materialism and individualism in the quest to keep up with modern lifestyles. What values do we need to teach our children, in order for them to grow into well adjusted adults.   

Children from minority populations may doubt and question themselves. How can we help children to better understand and know themselves?

Selecting Age Appropriate Multicultural Books: Mixed Asian Youth Literature.

Every child should have access to books that reflect diversity, since this is the way society is in reality. Good books for children with mixed Asian ancestry are still somewhat lacking. What available books are recommended for children in this demographic? 

Dealing With Prejudice and Social Injustice.

Children from minority backgrounds may sometimes be the target of bullying. What can a person do address this issue? i wrote this post with this in mind.

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