The Culture of Best of Both.

 A google search defines culture as:

" A culture is a way of life of a group of people-the behaviours, beliefs, values and symbols that they accept, generally without thinking about them, and are passed along by communication and imitation from one generation to the next"

Best of Both is commonly described as the ideal of being at an  East-West intersection. I was curious to understand exactly what this means in terms of cultural expression.  Is there an ideal shared East-West culture? 

East Meets West Best of Both: Culture for the 21st Century.  

We all look for material things that best define us. Art is a reflection of the way a society thinks and behaves. 

 I believe we can learn and appreciate much about ourselves through the eyes of those with refined aesthetic sensibilities.  

It is easy to find information and art collections of what is considered Western and what is considered Eastern art - but is there such a thing as Euro-Asian art? if so what are it's principals, expression and common elements? 
To understand the elements that make for an ideal East-West work of art or design is empowering because it enables us to appreciate it's uniqueness and refine our own individual sense of  becoming Best of Both.

What are the elements of Euro-Asian Art?

The Art of Prayer In the 21st Century.

To embrace values of interdependence and interconnection means that we need to be tolerant of  different ways to connect to the divine.

When we embrace a complementary view of  East and West - Divine connection becomes an holistic experience.

Symbolism Behind Chinese Foods: From Birth to Death.

Chinese culture is rich with symbolism. Homonyms - words that sound similar but with different meanings are often used. For instance the word yu means fish  and also means abundance - so fish is often served at special functions such as weddings and New Year.

Food is a key element in culture as it is in the sharing of meals that we express our values.

Many people today, are not always aware of this aspect f Chinese culture. I wrote this post to help people better understand Chinese culture through food.

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